Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today Liz and I visited Sachenhausen, which is the concentration camp closest to Berlin. This was my first visit to such a place. A scary fact is that one can take a regular transit line all the way from Wannsee (where it begins) to Oranienburg (where it ends)

This is a monument to the victims erected by the East Germans. The triangles represent the identification patches worn by the prisoners. The second picture is another memorial.

The trench in the foreground is where mass shootings took place. It was really rather deep, but I could not bring myself to take a picture from inside it.

The steps on the left led to the gas chamber. However, if you were a victim of the Nazis, you would have actually entered from the room to the right of that, where you would have undressed and been inspected for any valuable fillings in your mouth.

There were many homosexuals imprisoned, tortured, and executed by the Nazis, especially at this camp. This uniform shows the pink triangle they would have worn identifying their orientation. As with all other prisoners, they were made to sew it on themselves.

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