Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last night I saw Mika at the Columbiahalle in Berlin. It was the best rock concert I've been to in recent memory.

The opening act, Yelle, was also really good. She is from France. Sort of like Fischerspooner, but poppier, with a little M.I.A. thrown in.

Mika's singing was amazing. Falsetto for days...

And he does all sorts of rocker kicks and stage antics. He seemed really happy and tried to talk to the audience in German.Oh, and he took his shirt off too ;-)

Here he is with one of his backup singers singing "Missionary Man."

The encore was "Lollipop," which was obviously the big number. The band came out dressed in stuffed animal costumes and sang "The Teddy Bears' Picnic." Then they took off their costumes and went into the song. They dropped balloons onto the audience, and then confetti, and then streamers!!!